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        Dr. Hofmann has been retained by plaintiff and defense counsels in numerous states and Washington, D.C. as an expert in hospital administration to render an opinion after assessing medical records, hospital policies and procedures, medical staff bylaws and regulations, JCAHO standards, depositions, etc. The following categories are representative of the types of matters on which Dr. Hofmann has been retained:

        • Alleged physician and hospital staff liability for performing an unauthorized C section

        • Alleged failure to comply with a patient's advance directive

        • Alleged discrimination by and against hospital staff

        • Alleged failure of physician and hospital to notify a patient's family of a clinical error

        • Alleged lack of due diligence in granting surgical privileges

        • Alleged hospital negligence in preventing a nosocomial infection

        • Alleged medical staff and hospital liability for failure to find and remove a surgical sponge

        • Alleged hospital negligence in failing to prevent a patient's fall

        • Alleged hospital and physician negligence in prematurely discharging a patient

        • Alleged misrepresentation by tissue bank in obtaining consent for tissue donation

        • Alleged mishandling of a biopsy specimen that resulted in an unnecessary hysterectomy

        • Alleged failure of hospital to maintain and follow its physician on call policy

        • Alleged home health agency negligence in treating a patient

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